I've played professionally for over 25 years but I've only recently focused my playing on acoustic fingerstyle. After taking a couple of intro courses I decided to give Six String Fingerpicking a try. I couldn't have picked a better course! Chris' Master Fingerstyle Guitar courses are the perfect blend of useful exercises, progressive elements of modern fingerstyle guitar, and songs. Best of all, Chris' relaxed and engaging teaching style makes learning a pleasure. I highly recommend these courses to anybody who is serious about improving his/her fingerstyle playing.

Mark Ranalli, 8 Minute Axe
Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Intermediate and Advanced

I just finished the first blues course from Six String Fingerpicking and consistent with the other courses I’ve taken it was EXCELLENT! Chris teaches in a way that makes learning easy and fun. Over the years I’ve taken several of his classes and have purchased many tabs to go with his lessons. Six String Fingerpicking has become my single source for online instruction and tabs.

I started beginner guitar 2 years ago. I signed up for your beginner course shortly after that. About 6 months ago, i took an set of lessons from a local instructor. His first comment after our first lesson was that "you have some good skills in your right hand". Obviously your lessons paid off.

The Beginner Fingerpicking course has been an invaluable tool for me to advance my guitar playing skills. I have had more fun with this course than with any other lessons I've taken. I can fingerpick through my favorite songs and it is the exact sound I was hoping to learn. I'm so grateful for this course!

Coming back to the guitar after 15 years off, I searched the internet for instructors and courses and there were hundreds (and I’ve purchased several). I’m glad I stumbled upon this gem of an instructor and course catalogue and no other site has kept me as engaged. From the basics course up to the advanced, Chris walks you through step by step and gives you exercises to master piece by piece which ultimately gets you to do things you didn’t even think was possible. The way he breaks it down and slowly adds to your plate without overwhelming you is key to his effectiveness. The videos with on screen tabs or the option to download them and work at your own pace is also great. Beyond the fundamental courses, the course on creating your own arrangements immediately unlocks the door to your own creativity and gives you the confidence and motivation to start putting together your own stuff. Again, starting simple and gaining complexity at your own pace. On the other side of the site, Chris has put together some fantastic covers and arrangements to try out all of the stuff you’re working on. The songs are conveniently organized by difficulty level so that you can get started right away and also have some long term goals to strive for. The music catalogue covers several genres and so many artists so you’re likely to find something to dig into. Last, but certainly not least, I’m not sure you’re going to find many other people out there who are as humble and approachable as Chris. I can email him a question or comment and he gets back rather quickly. All around just a great guy and a great teacher.

I’m delighted that I found this course. I have purchased many courses from different sites and this is hands down the best approach to learning techniques that I have come across. Very small bite-sized lessons that gradually build in difficulty. Chris has such a pleasant manner that you could listen to him all day long and all lessons are very clearly explained with great TAB. I had occasion, recently, to contact support with a query and it was answered and dealt with within an hour or so and that was in the evening after hours!! This will be my go to site for Fingerstyle lessons from now on. 

Having completed the beginner level of the Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar, I'm thoroughly impressed by its insightful content. Even as someone with prior guitar experience, I found the course refreshing and enlightening.  The brilliance of this course is largely due to Chris, the instructor. His teaching style is engaging, insightful, and supportive. Chris is remarkably skilled at simplifying complex techniques, making learning enjoyable and effective. This course has invigorated my journey with the guitar and I'm excited for the new challenges that the next levels will bring.  I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their guitar skills.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you helping me expand my knowledge and skill with the guitar! Your course has been extremely helpful and has only made me more excited to continue with my journey. Everything you have offered in this course has only pushed me further. Thank you for everything! Also your reminders about precision and accuracy over speed ring in my ears constantly and remind me to breathe and take my time. Thank you again.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying these courses! I have been trying to learn fingerstyle guitar for the past couple of years, but stumbling from one online teacher to another without making very much progress. Some of those lessons were helpful but your approach is so well organized in a progressive manner. I started by getting the Beginner and Intermediate courses, and it wasn't long before I became convinced to add the Travis Picking and Level 1 of Fingerstyle Blues courses. I have also purchased a handful of the individual lesson tabs, but haven't yet worked my way through those. I feel confident that my fingerstyle abilities will advance quickly now that I have found your resources! Thank you!

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate, Total Travis Picking, and Fingerstyle Blues Volume 1.

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I've been enjoying Total Guitar Mastery! I started teaching myself a bit of guitar during Covid, when we were in lock down in the UK! I have started from the beginning of the course and I have found each video and accompanying pdf's fantastic! I really like how the videos are so informative and concise and you share the tips and tricks you have learnt and what works for you from many years of experience.  Thank you so much for sharing your great depth of knowledge and experience in this course, it has been fantastic so far! It really will be a resource to refer back to on guitar for the rest of my life!! :-) 

Student - Total Guitar Mastery

The Total Guitar Mastery course is just what I was hoping it would be. The bite-sized lessons are just right for me to conquer and feel successful within a relatively short span of time. Having all this information broken down and organized for me takes away that feeling of being all over the place and without direction on my guitar journey. With this course I know I am building a strong foundation; and from what I see,  I will be learning from it for years to come. I am thankful and completely satisfied so far with my purchase. 

Student - Total Guitar Mastery

The Mastery course is absolutely great. It gives me very good ideas to work on and never get bored. Now with all the courses I have plenty to learn from and sometimes even go back to the Beginners when I want to. Thank you very much for your help. YOU'RE THE BEST.

I just completed the Beginner's course and it is outstanding. I'm very glad I found Chris. The material is spot on; plenty of content, clearly presented, and easy to follow in short modules. I learned a lot in a short period of time and am now progressing to the Immediate course. If you want to learn fingerpicking, Chris is the man!!

I just wanted to send along a heartfelt thank you. I have been playing guitar for 26 years (that's crazy to say) and I just completed the Fingerstyle Blues Vol 1 course. I don't know if I've felt the kind of massive growth spurt in my learning which I felt while taking this course since my early years of playing! It was well laid-out, easy to follow, adequately challenging but accessible, and left me with a ton of ideas. Thank you so much for creating it and for opening up a whole new world of playing for me!

My main aim of learning the guitar was to be able to do it fingerstyle. I have again purchased a couple of courses off the internet, but they all seem to assume a level of dexterity and ability that was far from my current ability. Therefore I gave up in my aim to conquer fingerstyle.

I saw a lesson from you on YouTube and decided to rekindle my desire to learn this awesome technique in 2023. I want to say how inspired I am having gone through the first few lessons of the Beginners course. It meets my needs perfectly. It teaches in a calm and assured manner the basics to allow progress to be made and self satisfaction to be gained.

Chris is a great teacher, kind person and always there to help with any questions. The course is well structured with videos and tabs from the basics to more advanced techniques. The patterns are very nice and enjoyable to play. I have almost completed the beginner course and the more I move forward with the course the more fun I have. In a short period of time I have got the dexterity to play my first fingerstyle songs. I wish I had picked this course earlier. Looking forward to going through the intermediate and advanced courses!

I’m a lifelong musician but started guitar less than 1.5 years ago.  My progress was stagnating over the past couple months until I started this intermediate fingerstyle course.  These are short clear instructional videos with sheet/TAB music. Many of the new videos build on the previous.  The percussive guitar stuff is so cool!  I feel like I’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER in just a week.  Thank you for the excellent (inexpensive) product.

 I'm thoroughly enjoying this course, and appreciate the detail and effort involved in the creation of each lesson. Your explicit instruction has helped to elevate my playing to an intermediate level, and I am most grateful!

Student - Total Travis Picking

Just wanted to let you know that your beginner course is great! I bought a package and expected to sail through the first course…. nope! I've worked through a lot of books, but there has been plenty for me to learn even in your first few lessons. I don't feel like I'm wasting time with practice that doesn't lead to improvement anymore – I see improvement all the time now! Thank you.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

 You're an excellent teacher - very clear and methodical, and I find the pacing and content ideal. This is giving me exactly the structure and direction I had been looking for in order to really improve my playing. Thanks so much for making all this great material available online!

My main interest in learning guitar was to be able to play fingerstyle. There is some instruction out there but much of it is spotty and disjointed. Chris has put together a well thought out series that can take a beginner like me and get him moving forward. I am in my 60s and anyone who starts late in life can tell you it isn’t easy. Chris’ program has me finally learning enough to allow me to actually make music. I couple his program with an occasional weekly song instruction and in addition to being effective it is fun as heck! Chris also takes the time to actually email you back if you have a question not already addressed in any of his lessons. I recommend you give it a try.

I have purchased so many books and online lessons, without a lot of success. I want you to know I wish I had had an instructor like you long ago. Of all the lessons I have purchased, yours are absolutely the best. I appreciate how you break everything down.

I recently bought the full masterclass and I am currently going trough the lessons. I have to thank you because this is gold material and I already see progress. I am in love with fingerstyle guitar and really happy that your classes focus only on that.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

 Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying working my way through the intermediate course. I am transitioning from beginner so it is full of challenges for me. I have been playing for some years but never really focussed on fingerstyle.

I can honestly say that the Travis Fingerstyle course is like being given the keys to the golden kingdom of that musical style. You are a great teacher and guide, the lessons are nicely progressive and well structured and the presentation could not be better. I would recommend students acquire a hard copy tab notebook in order to readily work on particular patterns or additional songs they might want to learn or develop but this must be the best course of its kind available. Really, really excellent.

Student - Total Travis Picking

With time and effort put in, I am now able to do things I could only dream of. Thank you. Your course and approach to teaching have given me a hunger to learn and a belief that I can do this no matter how hard it seems at first.

I I just want to say thank you for helping me along the path to improved and more enjoyable fingerstyle guitar playing. I’ve purchased several of your courses, beginner to advanced and all of them are a great investment of my time and money. I return to the lessons frequently for reference and skill building. I appreciate the clear, concise way you teach as it really keeps me engaged and motivated. I’ve found that Six String Fingerpicking is my absolute favorite source for fingerstyle lessons

I feel your course has helped me transition from someone that just plays songs to someone who is a guitar player.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

I just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' for saving me during the Covid lockdowns! As a project I decided to improve my guitar playing and came across your excellent website. I have used your online lessons (you are an excellent teacher!!) and downloaded the tabs of several songs, and it has kept me sane!

So just to let you know I’ve been playing for 7 months now, I’m currently 67% through your Beginner Level fingerpicking course and 44% through the Total Travis picking, currently getting to grips with Dust in the Wind.

I’m loving both courses, your teaching style is laid back and I find it easy to follow, the courses are nicely laid out and easy to keep track on progress, and easy to jump back if I feel I need a reminder of anything.

Student - Total Travis Picking

 Having purchased the Ultimate Bundle, I find Chris' videos very informative and accessible. Although I do have some experience in playing the guitar, there is a treasure-trove of content right from the beginning that has helped improve my technique and understanding of the fingerpicking style. Could not recommend this course more!

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

I have started the course and am thoroughly enjoying it and it has really inspired me to dive deep into fingerstyle guitar. There is plenty to choose from in the course. Can't wait to see the improvement at the end. Thanks

I bought the beginners/intermediate and advanced about 19 months ago and am almost at the end of the intermediate course. Just learning the first study piece. Thanks for your awesome course!!

Thanks for all your content, it’s a great site, easy to navigate, very clear with good progresssion.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

Thanks again for your courses and song tutorials. They have expanded my knowledge and skills considerably.

I’m looking forward to taking some of your other courses.

Excellent course! Super systematical, excellently graduated, but still making considerable progress in relatively few lessons. I appreciate the short video lessons, always clear and to the point in word and picture.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

This course is extraordinary! I keep it as an open tab on my computer and I am always re using and restudying the lessons. I like the fact that first time through it makes sense, but you can return many times and embellish you skills much deeper.

I just picked up the Travis Picking course because I needed something else to work on while I'm learning the songs in the Blues course. This type of instruction is by far the best I've found – wish I would have found this much earlier. These are hands down the best I've come across. Great job! Great value!

Student - Total Travis Picking

I did a lot of research before I bought this course bundle and I have a lot of great books about fingerstyle. This course is just amazing. It covers every topic in such a great detail. All you have to do is practice a lot. But with this course bundle you don't need anything else to learn fingerstyle. I quit my personal live teacher because it's so good. This course bundle is way too cheap and in my opinion worth more than 500€.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

I just want to say how delighted I am to have found this program. I am 67 years old and wanted to play fingerpicking style guitar for many years. You have made it possible for me to follow along and actually do it! And I'm overjoyed.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

Your Neon lesson, particularly, really changed my life. I’ve started playing open mics with a singer now, and music is starting to have the place in my life that I want it to. Your diligence in making sure your content is accurate and helpful is really unparalleled in this highly saturated market.

Student - Song Lessons

I have found the approach and progressive nature of Chris' beginners course ideal for me to correct mistakes and poor technique whilst also learning some theory along the way. I really am enjoying the course and have found time just flies by. Certainly one of the best investments I have made during lockdown.

I'm really getting a lot out of your Intermediate FIngerpicking course! It's challenging but well worth sticking with. I've seen great improvements in my fingerpicking since I started - especially in improving the accuracy of both hands. My left hand is now playing fretted notes without buzzing or muting adjacent strings and my right hand is way better in both speed and dexterity - thanks!

I've just finished your intermediate course and it provided exactly what I had hoped for and so much more. From start to finish there were constant rushes of excitement at learning new skills and feeling your technical ability improve. It is very encouraging when struggling to grasp a technique to hear you acknowledge this and encourage us to persist.

I am working my way through the beginners course and am finding it really useful. I plan to work my way through every one of your courses and I am confident that I will be a really good fingerstyle guitarist by the end of it. Thank you so much for this brilliant course. The best money I ever spent on a course!

I want to thank you for helping me with fingerpicking. I was a beginner when I started, but have been improving everyday with practice. The latest course I purchased was the Arrange Your Favourite Songs. Wow, how the light bulb has come on, it is all adding up.

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate, Blues Volumes 1 & 2

I am now looking forward to completing the beginners' course and moving on to the next stage. But I'll not rush, and I will always be led by your early advice, which has become a mantra for my practicing; "Accuracy over Speed." Thank you for providing me with the rudimentary skills to make some music and play some songs.

I've been a novice guitar player for too many years, and decided that it's time to really improve my playing. I stumbled across sixstringfingerpicking.com and knew I'd found what I needed. Thanks for the incentive I needed to master the guitar playing skills I've wanted to learn for many years!

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

I’m relI really like the way you give short lessons that I can repeat easily until I have practised it enough. Also skipping between topics is very easy with the way you have clearly laid it out. I've seen several courses online and I think yours is the clearest and certainly the best value for money around.

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Intermediate and Advanced

I purchased the course and I'm working on the foundations currently but wanted to drop you a message to let you know its fantastic, I'm having a lot of fun and making great progress at a steady pace, fingerpicking and strumming feels a lot easier to me compared to pick work.

Chris' insightful approach is the next best thing to having live personal instruction. As a newcomer, I highly recommend the Beginner Course for newbies who are interested in getting a thorough foundation in quality fingerpicking from the ground up.

When I came across your website and started practising with the song lessons, I suddenly started to really enjoy the process of learning. I used the song lessons for a good few months, before buying the Beginners and Intermediate courses. I find the song lessons great - it means you can play a song you know, but with it patiently talked-through.

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate

I’m relatively new to fingerpicking, probably ‘Going to California’ is a little advanced for me, but here’s the thing, thanks to following your lesson I’m almost there and now it’s just a matter of practice and the speed will come.

I have been struggling to teach myself guitar and finally decided to sign up for a structured course. In just 2 days I have learned so much. Wish I'd signed up ages ago.

I've just finished your intermediate course and it provided exactly what I hoped for and so much more. From start to finish there were constant rushes of excitement at learning new skills and feeling your technical ability improve. Your teaching style is to the point, you provide encouragement at the right places and don't waffle on as many tutorial videos do.

Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying working my way through the intermediate course. I am transitioning from beginner so it is full of challenges for me. I have been playing for some years but never really focussed on fingerstyle.

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate Levels

I can see now why you called it the Advanced Level. This is a course comprising many segments, each focussing on different, specialised aspects of playing that you wouldn't normally encounter. It wasn't what I was expecting, but the composition makes sense.

I learnt a lot of new and interesting things and I will continue to do some of the exercises provided to help improve my skill set. There is so much to learn that at times I feel a bit stretched trying to cover all the areas I want to master and the songs I want to learn. But, that's probably a good problem to have. The fun is never ending.

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Advanced Level and other courses

I enjoy the 101 fingerpicking patterns very much! There are so many different patterns to practice, from beginner to advanced, and it increases my confidence because once I have the first 20 - 30 patterns under my belt I feel confident to extend this knowledge into building patterns on my own. It also increases my creativity because some fingerstyle patterns, or the techniques applied to those patterns, are new to me as well as the rhythms that underlie them. This helps me build other patterns based on those underlying rhythms and with those new techniques. I highly recommend this course for beginners and intermediate players who want to increase their fingerpicking skills and creativity.

Student - 101 Fingerpicking Patterns

After taking this course, this is my first attempt at a fingerpicking song arrangement - "Desperado" by the Eagles.

Student - Intermediate, Advanced and Arranging

I just wanted to say I appreciate everything you've done to help me progress and grow my passion for playing. You're a great educator and I can't thank you enough!

Student - Song Lessons

I’m completely enamoured with the professionalism and clarity of your teaching and can’t believe how much I have learnt! So much so that I’m now signed up to both your Intermediate and Advanced courses. I can’t wait to get stuck in and continue my fingerpicking journey, utterly brilliant.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

Chris is a cool, calm and composed teacher, not hyper or too talkative like many. His teaching style is relaxed, yet assuring. He doesn’t leave any lingering doubts, and covers everything methodically and diligently, never foregoing any details. The course is structured excellently, each lesson being linked to the previous one, and with increasing difficulty and complexity. It is meant to be followed step by step, and that helps immensely. I shall recommend the courses strongly, for those who genuinely enjoy fingerstyle guitar and are genuinely interested in learning the same from absolute basics till mastery. 

Student - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Although I had been playing this style for about 2 years, I had never used my third finger when picking. Fortunately, I decided to stick with it and I’m so glad I did. Over a few weeks, I began to develop a lot more control with my picking hand.

Student - The Ultimate Bundle

I enjoy the 101 fingerpicking patterns very much! There are so many different patterns to practice from beginner to advanced and it's increasing my confidence greatly.

I highly recommend this course for beginners and intermediate players who want to increase their fingerpicking skills and creativity.