15% OFF - Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar: Beginner and Intermediate

Get to grips with fingerpicking with these courses to take you from complete beginner to a skilled intermediate player.
Fingerpicking course bundle - Beginner and Intermediate guitar

Gain access to this pair of Six String Fingerpicking's courses at 15% OFF!

If you're serious about fingerstyle guitar and want to become a great player then take advantage of this brilliant offer.

These two courses work perfectly together. Learn all the essential techniques and skills you need in the Beginner's course and then build on that knowledge in the Intermediate course where you'll work on your musicality and introducing new dimensions to your playing.

Become the fingerstyle guitarist you always wanted to be!

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Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar - Beginner

- All the essential fingerstyle techniques you'll ever need.
- Develop great technique.
- Build strength, dexterity and picking accuracy.
- Learn to alternate the bass.
- Strum without a pick.
- And so much more...

Complete Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar - Intermediate Course

- Further improve your strength, dexterity and picking accuracy.
- Learn the Ultimate Strumming Technique.
- Add percussive elements to your playing.
- All backed up by exciting musical examples.
- And so much more...

How does it work?

Step 1 - Sign Up

Simply create an account to purchase the course for instant lifetime access.

Step 2 - Learn

Go through the video lessons when you want to, on any device, anywhere.

Step 3 - Practise

Practise as much as you need to, get help from me along the way.

Step 4 - Master

Become the fingerpicker you've always wanted to be.


 Chris is a cool, calm and composed teacher, not hyper or too talkative like many. His teaching style is relaxed, yet assuring. He doesn’t leave any lingering doubts, and covers everything methodically and diligently, never foregoing any details.
The course is structured excellently, each lesson being linked to the previous one, and with increasing difficulty and complexity. It is meant to be followed step by step, and that helps immensely.
I shall recommend the courses strongly, for those who genuinely enjoy fingerstyle guitar and are genuinely interested in learning the same from absolute basics till mastery. 

Sumanto - Student (Beginner and Intermediate courses)

 I purchased the Beginner and Intermediate courses and they are the best, most organized courses I’ve seen and I’ve seen quite a few. Each lesson is important and they build upon each other. My favorite thing is that each lesson is short and to the point. There are tabs that you can reference when practicing so you don’t always have to go back to the video. I’m confident I will master the fingerstyle with these great courses and some consistent practice.

Nick - Student (Beginner and Intermediate courses)

 I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and have been stuck in a rut with only a couple of picking patterns. I bought the Beginners course and was so impressed that I bought the Intermediate course as well. The videos are wonderful and the tabs are very helpful. Thanks.

John - Student (Beginner and Intermediate courses)

What if I'm not happy?

With a 30 day money back guarantee, there really is nothing to lose.

Worst case - you don't like the courses and get a full refund.

Best case - you love the lessons, feel inspired to practice every day and amaze yourself at how fast you're learning! I'll be there to help you along at any stage and I'm very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Remember, there's 
nothing to lose so what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course bundle start and finish?
From as soon as you purchase the bundle until you complete all the lessons.

How long will I have access to the course?
You'll have lifetime access.

Will I get anything when I complete the courses?
You'll get a certificate on completion, as well as gaining the essential skills necessary to master fingerpicking.

What if I want a refund?
I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Will these courses make me a better fingerstyle player?
Yes! If you consistently practise the material in the courses you will definitely become a better player.

What do I need to complete the courses?
Internet access and a guitar.

Do I need long fingernails to be successful at fingerstyle guitar?
You don't need fingernails to play fingerstyle!

Will I get access to all the courses at once?
Yes, you'll gain access to all of the lessons in all the courses as soon as you purchase.

What if I need help?
If you have a problem then use the 'Support' link at the top of the page.

Does the course include the tabs for the songs you teach?
Due to copyright, the courses do not include tabs for any songs or get you access to the song tabs elsewhere. If you'd like to buy the tab for one of the songs then the link to do so are on the song lesson page.

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